Summer Palace


These hallucinations
A mirror held up to the face of God.
Where are you my beloved?
You don’t love me.

to see my goodness, my tenderness.
last night’s misery again,
As soon as love touches you,
A little gift.

You have a lighter, but no light.
my heart’s emotions
Bitter tears of despair
You’re soaking.

I missed you.
A distant name.
I am writing this for you.
Complex desires.

She said love is like a wound
Climbing bravely upwards
Very far away.
I came across a picture

gently holding my hand.
I lost consciousness.
more and more intensely.
Looking at my face in the mirror,

You came into my life.
Nonchalance and coldness.
Tears streamed down my face,
I shut my eyes tight

The memories brought tears,
dark clouds glower overhead,
Because deep inside,
Will be weightless

I love watching girls smoke.
but inside me,
Is somewhere by the water
Bitter tears of despair

the deep and the shallow end.
both faces together.
I don’t know what to write.
I don’t see the face of a young girl.

All the air will be inhaled by me
All written on my face.
They say your heart’s been broken,
Those lethal things.


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