Wait, wait…
Maybe you really don’t touch
There’s a stain, no doubt.
This color really suits you.

I never touched something
I have such a bad feeling
Don’t you have the key?
We also have second-hand weapons.

And why do you go barefoot?
give me time to return.
She fell asleep.
She didn’t say anything.

I’m in in the terminal stage…
missing you.
the complex relationship
the wolf, she should be naked.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say,
But she is not so nice.
The Bucharest Heavy
her clothes on.

you paint over.
and maybe you’re courting
crazy with your cigarettes.

No, you said worse.
and drank my milk.
Some flowers.
Be careful with them.

“Loneliness is not good”
in this hallway.
of cherry seeds.
the bottom lock.

Spread your legs.
They’re woolen.
The water’s not running.
I’m the fool for getting involved.

Place your hands
This is a 12 caliber.
It’s expired.
Brasov, minus 2 degrees.

The key…
Kiss you.
the threshold.
but we’d only be raising dust.

The air…
For 3 months…
he pulled out a hatful
Don’t give her any. She’s allergic to it,

If you run out of paper,
I’ll give you some
peace of mind.
you could let her stay a bit more.

“A sad life is never helpful”
living in Bucharest,
Tap water is riddled with


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