Yellow Earth


I’ll write a couplet for you.
2 ounces of cotton.

Pairs of pigeons fly high in the sky.
The bride descends from

Don’t cross the river.
sweetness is short.

Your eyebrows are like two crescent bows.
another’s worries.

Aha, let’s drench the bed.
This news will make you sad.

If you like good luck words,
My mouth cannot utter

I miss my mother.
and the melons on the hill.

parched seedlings.
Among human beings, a girl’s life

All my life I will never forget you.
Drink from the river, stay

Please eat.
blossom everywhere.

I try to look out of the window, but…
Married love depends on grain.

Your eyes are wide and clear.
You tread the yellow earth,

you remember.
Nothing. I’m sewing.

When life becomes hard,
Use the oar. Be careful.

I’m afraid I shall not see you again.
May your daughter be nimble-fingered.

Take out your notebook,
They’re just bitter songs.

Why do you collect bitter songs?
I have time.

If he misses me, he should look at this
Barefoot is best.


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