Tenshi No Koi


See this white ring?
I was supposed to die quietly.
I’m an “O.”

sad and distant…
I never felt more alive.
Too few clues.

For all my cruelty.
with slight variations.
I’ve lived in fear every day.

what got into me.
someone who’s lost hope.
She’s been with you the whole time.

On his knees crying and begging.
the way you removed yourself…
My funeral photo.

memory loss, impaired judgment.
It’s the photo that brought us together.
Hundreds of dollars just to sleep.

…to fight off anyone who tries to
it was like an electric shock ran through me.
But that’s how a woman learns her fate.

You should show your feelings.
…commit harakiri.
yet delicate.

His symptoms are stable.
Just not romantically.
I see. So I die either way.

and then a girl appeared.
When my age no longer matters.
to start my life over again.

after death.
friends suffer.
She said it was my fault.

He arrived unconscious.
pictures on a porn site.
Enlargement leads to paralysis,

She’s gone home.
Sleep with me one last time.
prevent a relapse.


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