I’ve heard it before
…your hands, your lips…
with someone else

I was struck by the sadness
…when you passed through
atomic secrets, secrets of memory

lmpossible, Princess.
Closer, closer, says love
One must not be afraid of logic.

Your replies were difficult
Like everything else,
it’s a dictionary

by the absence of light…
…think of the word love

It’s old, your camera
a room for me
The silence of infinite space

A caress leads us from
I’d like to leave with you

autumn light
like a fur coat
huge rubbish bins…

I’m a seductress, third class
luxury and light
They’re words I don’t know

It’s a tiger, tearing me apart
A meaningless reply.
The arc that climbs

-You don’t want me to court you?
Redbreast, weeping
…your mouth silently promised

Now that I’ve seen you
It’s a terrible secret, but…
anguish or caress…

Nearly every day words disappear,
It reminds me of something
Where’s my key?

Can I take a photo?
or commit suicide?
You’ll become a legend,

The beguiler beguiler
All things weird are normal
Pretty sphinx…

Some words are underlined
I wasn’t taught them
Capital of Sorrow

the South Seas
I watched night create day…
it used to be called poetry

galactic corridors
The present is terrifying…

Your voice, your eyes…
falling in love with you
His key

Despair has no wings,
it’s sensuality
Your tendency to dwell

So young and me
glitters in the snow
about thirty years ago


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