A Man Escaped


Luck and idleness
Pewter and aluminum
Despite the handcuffs,
I emptied my mattress

The gravel crunched
The nail fell.
The clock struck four.
A kind of grace.

I folded the cloth in quarters,
with my sisters’ hair.
The night was black.
and the constant fear

It was you in the corridor.
She was tiny, but pretty.
I learned this much later.
A letter in a pile of laundry.

I often sat facing my door,
No pencil.
I tore everything
the word “Courage.”

I used to dream of being alone
by cutting or chipping away
I emptied everything
I got used to the idea of dying.

How can a man be born
She must love you.
Shot two days ago.
withstood my pulling.

You can’t control fate.
Give me your letters tomorrow.
Twelve meters of rope
Drink the rest.

It was a distressing ride.
No pity for your age.
the Battalion Song


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