The Devil, Probably


He was staring at the bullet.
no idea about intimacy.
Hands unconsecrated by priesthood.
contaminated by seepage.

You know I’ll never leave you.
illness is seeing too clearly.
thousands of dead trees.
It lasts indefinitely.

There’ll be no more blue skies
to replace true desires with false ones
And the bullets
breaking open the boxes

I’ve got the keys.
Mercury waste thrown into the sea
became sacred only when swallowed
Destruction is for everyone.

an extraordinary pleasure.
see myself murdered.
again and kiss you like before?
sea-bed now is no better.

Destruction of birds and insects
A new up-surge of libido
The tankers’ effluent.
You didn’t love him.

All I’ve got left… an old sweater…
There is great suffering.
All those invented words and gestures
the Church of tomorrow.

What’s going on in that heart?
I knew you needed me.
Loss of appetite often
God is no longer present.

laws are unfathomable.
It’ll break your parents’ hearts.
I’ve lost a marvellous girl.
underwater… and then wait.


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