Day For Night

Day for Night (La Nuit americaine)

I want to touch you.
committed suicide
But time heals all wounds.

Who is that woman I keep seeing?
A minor depression.
my memory has gone to hell.

Electrocuted twice, hanged twice
You never speak to her.
You’re the jealous type.

Heart Transplant…
Only the flowers are missing.
it means she’s slept around…

The camera will never go inside.
In the sleeve and down the dress.
you can see the sea

wear a swimsuit.
through the window.
of an older man

Jeweler Knifes Wife.
She locked herself in
No sentimentality.

I thought women were magic.
I’ll caress her with this hand.
you’ve been hurt.

I don’t want the snow
I want my scarf.
I wanted us to be together

I’m sorry to make you die again.
I can’t take my eyes off the fire.
What went wrong was the beginning

Anyway, my love-affairs
A night scene shot in daylight
Those 2 beds look lonely

This is the gun you wanted
wrap it in gauze
So it’s seen against the snow.

scenes with another actor.
For her, it was a relief.
I’m a fifth wheel.

Bed, night tables
One cat’s milk
The trick candle

Too much hair on the neck.
It’s too dark.
and put it under your pillow.

She falls in love
shoots him in the back.
I remember escorting her

moving images
circle the good takes
This has never happened before…


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