I was helpless, had no words

A gentle sound. . .
and in the end, he dies
except through images

But mother didn’t go away
On her birthday, she’d always cry,
Terrified to face the truth

you used that sharp stick
of sorrow and betrayal
the endless darkness

those who are afraid of pain
and the consuming Loneliness
Females drowning in their lust

I like rainy days
I could close my eyes
The scenery flows by cinematically

and gentleness, mercy and
The photographer’s dream
will you stay forever?

The stars are pretty
dancing, with my bloody arms
the ambiguity of human memory

Her heart is overcome by a world
amplified into rawness
my sisters hand-me-downs

Swelling lips
brimming with fantasy,

Nothing came crashing down
but the scent of the way home
I no longer exist inside of her

all the merry people in the world
beginning with images,
destruction and renewal of memory

but there’s no telling. . .
Are we still dreaming a dream?
Open your vibrant heart

in a white dress
Don’t abandon me
When my wish comes true

Fireman ends up burning
scissors in hand
Tomorrow’s my birthday

Parents split up
Dad and Mom are sick
The magical powers

My mother was inside me
awash in cruelty, harshness,
My fantasy about her expands

My unsound heart
hatred and loneliness
look like people’s ex-teeth

I didn’t need to make a film
only sand and sky
I longed to ease her sadness

Tightened strings
Normal sex doesn’t do it
beauty surrounded me

I find myself enveloped
Are you with me because
empathy linger in our hearts

I desperately wanted her
and the excess of intimacy
flows as from a broken dam

Father walked out
deaths in her family
The cat slipped away that day

The human heart is fragile
Having something to hold onto
Weight: 45 tons

We are apart, but. . .
What is the sadness
by the scent of rain

she had disappeared
Yes, on her birthday
Maybe I was no good

Look up at the sky
Three answers
it drifted down, down, down

What she keeps bottled up
at that dreamlike state
of that dark red space

If I have sex with you,
Don’t ever leave me
for my inability to communicate


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