I was in a forest
a game of endurance.
with lights and balloons.

A cunt is a large lamp.
and the room got all dark.
The pain makes you delirious.

I dreamed of you the other day.
venturing out ill prepared
I drank some milk.

my little heart.
It is a very good perfume
to eliminate bacteria.

Spring fills my house.
There are all kinds of sharks.
Children’s flesh in particular.

the body is ready
The temperature will rise
His jaws do not correspond

Try again, with your tongue
open the mouth
the blouse.

Bring me the masking tape.
Calculate the triangle’s area
Dive in.

the blue shark, mako
It had such a great smell.

is a small yellow flower.
is a very strong wind.

sit down in the sea
Spring floods
the bathtub. The tap.

He threw stones at me.
and painkillers.
Come close and lick me here.


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