Give her rice and fuck her.
and clear all horrible memories
that can loosen the knots

it was all because of love.
the junk collector’s burnt house.
Agape Psychiatric Hospital

A menstrual pad.
The insecticide drink.
lonely as hell.

She wore a backpack.
I went to pick you up
pretty girls have no luck.

I slept with a woman.
Those are all lies.
He confessed.

You tried to get rid of me.
Usually you bury a dead body.
Up your thigh to the partition.

Breathe like me.
slowly and methodically.
involving two broken teeth.

Everyone says I killed her.
to remove the sound.
From childhood

you were like a dog in heat.
Here’s a tissue.
This is revenge.

After I got beaten, I remembered.
The memories came back.
The sin always turns around.

The Red Devils
the one with the nosebleed
those guys she fucked.

a blunt object.
in your heart
had been abandoned for a long time.

Don’t cry.
She was bleeding.
it was all because of love.

Why are you lying there?
I felt it in my whole body.
This is driving me crazy.

all the good stuff in the world.
and the water works.
burned down.

You printed the memorial photo
it was hoisted up.
I was so desperate then.

But that night, that girl came in.
They say she had a boyfriend.
I feel so fucking betrayed.

No place in particular.
Actually, I sometimes go there.
It’s completely gone.

So the kid is the guardian.
It’s my only son.
he’s there among the photos.

His eyes are a work of art.
being empty and all.
Don’t trust anyone.

I could still feel
This is nothing, just the basics.
it’s just a memento.

White calves.
Like hanging out laundry.

Your land line is dead
your face looks unbalanced.
The crime scene seems intact.

did you really take pictures
in heaven’s flower garden right now
I wish this would work in the mirror.


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