You have to memorize this.

This scarf is given by your husband
it’ll be the end of everything.
Anyway, he fucking misses you.

I’m sorry but she died yesterday.
Since we were apart for a long time
She coughed up blood.

You think I’m nothing.
I kept my promise.
Because you married me.

You don’t know how hard laundry is.
you’re so weak at heart.
I’d rather die.

Fucking means… It means…
The ice will break.
The sea is beautiful, too.

Here is her picture.
Her writing is a total mess unlike her
Pour it around.

Could you untie your hair, please?
She’s perfect.
The mountain is beautiful.

Hey, look at the snow there.
Let’s scatter them in the sea here.
It’s hard to live here without any connections.

pretty face.
I’m begging you now on my knees.
That’s not how you skate.

We started out together.
She’d waited so long.


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