ALOYS_filmstill 00

She was single for 20 years.
with your sad eyes.
with black skin…
shadows and echoes.

kiss, sing, make love
Each time a bit lonelier.
The first time is always painful
The female is underneath

Our voices generate an image.
I imagined your voice would be different.
I can no longer
Believe in your invisibility

I film how you eat, how you sleep,
so you don’t suffocate
We’re in the forest now.
Look for someone else.

Lonely people.
We don’t need this bed anymore.
I’m sorry about earlier.
I smelled your tummy on the bus.

hearing is the most important thing.
It helps against melancholia.
The people you spy on.

What remains, is the essence.
seven grams of tranquillisers.
That’s from fucking
on New Year’s Eve.

the fisherman catches fish
and always swims into the glass.
Avoid mirrors
You don’t want to see me.

We always meet outside.
Behind the big spruce
Cat medicine cheers me up.
This is our last phone call.