Boy Meets Girl



For years I longed to make love.
my past, my future,
A time for sweetness and whispering…

This cup is all that’s left.
when I suck you.
And the lights went out.

It’s nicer with saliva.
enough for two lives.

This scarf…
Your tears
on a drip-feeder.

She left me a note in our toothbrush glass
a foreign body, as scientists say.
My heart’s proud of its pain.

A glass of milk.
Shrivelled breasts
It’s menopause time.

Your hair…
Leave them in the box
on my shipwrecked heart

I feel closer to people once I’ve left.
so it almost hurts.
Like putting a finger in.

I prefer touching
a book I’d never seen before.
I’d died while writing it.

Even as children,
who could ever love us?
he sat on the bed, in the dark.

You feed on rotten meat
I see your shell
First murder attempt

We’re going to the mountains.
They were deaf people
who walked on the moon.

Lovers are worn out.
The air is so still.
it’s her all over.

When I take you in my mouth
when films were as silent as I am.
I like walking alone.

it’s like making love
like a memory of the present.
lonelier together than apart