I make you suffer so much.
come into my heart.
just like in heaven, in the human world…

when you pay attention, you will feel her.
it’s Silent Night, stop quarreling.
you make yourself dirty.

hands of God are strong enough
with a little flower.
birds just fly out of the nest.

give me the kindness
while others are still sleeping.

my father was drunk again.
fuck off with your prayers.
your body only has yourself, yourself.

if you want me to keep this secret.
show your body, your will, your name…
kiss me.

I almost broke my mother’s necklace.
I want to close my eyes or hide somewhere,
I want to dance now.

please close your eyes.
beloved Christ, please solve my hardship.
sometimes she cursed.

(anthem) a rose.
ghost face, sounds.

marriage, motherhood comma,
the world make our souls sick.
these are your pills, so small?

look, the trees are totally different.
little angels and roses.
and fear of God.


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