I hanged You with thread
Shedding many a bitter tear
Feels like yesterday I was sewing

His wife pushed me to fuck her.
There’s also bullet wounds.
since you were so fond of loving…

She’s in the tower.
he’ll die of grief,
dreams of nothing but bones.

she only talked with her sly cranes…
and stole money from a box.
and some cheap wine.

Even a fallen tree rests…
Life of grief and sorrow,
She cries all the time.

My teeth rattle,
Mash you bloody with my cane…
And the cunt sings merry songs…

the Devil sits cross-legged…
Smaller. But prettier than anything here.
how that bitch jumped you…

With a red scarf ’round their necks.
She’ll give him some bell juice,
It all passes like a dream.

Two turtledoves
set the woods on fire,
in the snake’s mouth, I’ll pay.

Fear is shameful, but healthy.
Does she moan and move?
from the fire.

I give you a finger,
Seven vales and seven hills,
Fish brains in a rabbit’s head…

and the cunt is in command
The beastly beatings I’ve suffered
Enough with this old maid’s dream.

While drunk, don’t give gifts
A good butcher doesn’t fear
to kiss the Virgin’s icon.


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