Beyond The Hills



Prepare a haloperidol
the body and blood of the Lord
two medicines.
the joy of souls, eternal happiness.

And can I sleep with you?
you need to let God into your heart,
For a true believer even entering
You know how love is…

He hanged himself when she was 6.
such terrible things happen.
but his eyes had changed.
The man who leaves isn’t the same

Tie her legs, too.
because she didn’t have her period.
votive candles, frankincense, etc
and a diazepam shot ready.

Take it from her mouth.
Read her the list of sins.
come to confession.
for believing too much

Your luggage.
An electric candle.
Even the buzzing of the bees
And a photo. To remind you of us.

I start saying the alphabet: A.
my life has no sense anywhere else.
There’s nothing sacred left.
the edges. Smoke is escaping.

I have had thoughts of suicide.
This morning.
I brought you some oranges.
made in your holy name

he broke his chain again.
as a weapon against the Devil.
A boy stabbed his mother
who screams through her mouth.

There’s nothing in the altar,
She nearly set herself on fire.
She didn’t drink enough water.
She’s having convulsions,

My husband has throat cancer,
just from time to time.
all that you have in the world.
This is a crime you’ve committed.

flesh and bones, you know.
Come quickly
Five vials.
I only asked God to fulfil my wish.

take this curse
Down slowly.
Why are you undressed?
Who is in your soul, besides me?

If you doubted God exists
That’s why she learned karate.
She used to hear her dad’s voice.
She was tied down.

One must renounce one’s love
33 times, then make a mark.
She heard voices.
this anger and fury.

the house is full of toys.
That’s all he painted in the end.
Do I kiss his hand?
Does anything hurt?

I have hit people with my fists
I got padlocks, too.
Money and possessions
And then will you love me again?


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