My Friend Ivan Lapshin



Take off the scarf, you’ll strangle me.
It’s unbearable.
It’s all our negligence.
Only with music.

What color were his eyes?
killers without purpose and mercy
into the fountain.
…tears gleamed…

the crown waits for me.
A whore.
Go on, put your fingers in there.
It’s myself I’m torturing.

I spent my childhood.
drinking my blood.
Harsh, almost violent.
At a slaughter-house too.

faces, scraps of conversations,
were pierced through with icy winds.
And the fox is carrying me into the woods.
for the murder of a local state worker

The train’s leaving
We have two children.
Departed from this life.
Memory obligingly pulls out

I want you to remember this:
I took the liver, the innards.
have you ever had to kill a man?
I don’t remember feeling bad.

head under the pillow.
Three pills.
which are forgotten, lost.
and then we’ll learn it by heart.

What about that airplane?
and smell of cigarettes, “Blooming”
Charming are the scariest type.
Holds my hand all the time.

You’re eating ice cream while they are crying.
Filling up the ravines. Demolishing, building.
And in the raging ocean!
But I remember the grass.


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