Mother of all mothers,
In you, water,
All this beauty of yours
It stung me. it was poisonous.

No, he was in love
The tissues of hard muscles weaken
my own flesh and blood.
the beginning of a great dream.

And the bones in the ashes.
tarmac and welfare papers
fearing the light of day.
I dream of a white hospital.

The heart’s path is covered
I was afraid.
of long sewage pipes
from my lips.

I don’t understand “Faith.”
the buzzing of insects
the air of my childhood…
I keep touching my hair.

that poetry is untranslatable.
It’s gotten into my mouth.
we must hold hands…
I’m capable of feeling an infinite number

The air is that light thing…
from hunger and fear.
Music now.
breathes distant thunder.

Now beneath the apple trees,
There are more important things.
Never forget what he said to her.
We must fill the eyes

In my memory I lick traces of salt
I stagger deliriously
with the lighted candle.
do two wings gleam behind me.


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