Who’s Singin’ Over There?



This bird of bad news
I sing songs

So it means you have to wait
Are you aware how much

Life… love… it is like a song:
I will die of hunger.

Sun is rising
To soothe my sorrow.

we would walk by the sea
and make up for my loss

You have 100 years

what kind of rocks do you collect?
Oh little roses

This water is not for drinking.
I could have drowned!

I wish, oh my mother
That all this is only a dream.

Beware, bride!
And cry with tears

Hear the pain of my heart
With all my sorrow

drowned persons appear at the surface
tales and unusual, rare words.

They went to the woods…
The sad song I must play

Have you ever been to the sea?
If you have time, buy me a sack of salt

It’s spring, the evil comes
Well… someone has to take care

Death is coming to see us
and search honest people

make it to the graveyard.
There it is, go stay alone.

Everything is written in the Holy Bible…
Friend, the bridge is broken

all your money.
instead of mulberries!

You will lose
Can I cry then?

nobody made him shake
people are afraid of bombing.


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