Andrei Rublev



I sat in the pit for ten years
you wanted eternal beatitude
and vanished into thin air.

Fix the mould.
of thine heart…
he says.

believeth all things
can come from the visible
and will burn you.

or your love is sinful
or died.
like a bird’s song.

that your heart
to cast a bell.
a small joy arose.

And where do you come from?
It’s a sin to splash milk.
till you’re impaled.

and tongues shall cease,
and chime.
at the fountain.

Wolves were after me
without love
without end.

Why are you crying?
We will all burn out like candles.
Ah, how beautiful it is.

coins in your hair.
the house of prayer.
And knocks on the door.

I spent the night in the lake
with the tongues of men
Materials for restoration

I gotta lay in firewood
Light and beautiful.
I am what I am.

and I give my body
More wood.
That old brute of mine

But the bell will never chime.
Take the ropes.
I don’t want you.

when time drags on from dawn
My body is all bruised.
Let me go.

Evil is everywhere around.
It’s a holiday for folks.
let’s pick some firewood.

It hurts! Oh Christ, it hurts!
And I lie across a saddle
serpent’s breed.

There is no truth in the world.
Everybody goes up fast.

Why am I confessing to you?
Why didn’t you wait for me?
For a water-meadow

You’ve got enough silver.
You may regret it some day.
The paints are so quiet.

And the carving.
Put more armor on it.
Looks like he is dying.


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