We’ve been postponed again.
you’ll die here.
In your memory
Vent and seal

We’re a mathematical probability
I was still compiling data
She only communicated with me as
My wife.

It could be the phone ringing
Hard to say because of the cold.
Disengage coupling interlocks
and it’s like all my progress – ripped away.

That was the person I used to have
Though they sink through the sea
live inside that feeling forever.
We don’t want other worlds. We want mirrors.

shock, fatigue, denial…
That’s the problem. I’m not a whole person.
very happy when I saw you on the train.
She drank liquid oxygen.

We did. We lost contact
I was silent and attentive.
And she’s seducing you all over again.

before they abandon this ship
Switch to internal power.

This is just a theory
and primary insomnia.
I came from your memory of her.
It’s no more mysterious than trees or sharks.

You’ll be perfectly safe in here.
communicating with me.
that was like my sibling.
Well, maybe you’re my puppet.

Anything can set her off.
solitude, hardship, exhaustion…
that’s how you remember me.
It is a mistake to become

You think you’re dreaming me.
Brings out the red in my eyes.
where we first saw each other?
Don’t you love me any more?

They shall have stars at elbow and foot.
And there are no paintings on the wall.
Yeah. Blood.
done anything, including destroy us.


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