Holy Motors



We have to do what we love again
the sap rise inside us
into the cold liquid days

Aim for the crotch!
That’s the sensation of life

but there’s no love.
No need for words now.
I thought you would come

I miss forests.
I can’t even tell if you’re sincere.
And feel so very far away

We could dance.
from our childhood days

Why should there be pain?
About you?
just before the end?

I miss the cameras.
Photos that are really “human”.
Is that your hair?

you’ve looked a bit tired recently.
You wanted to look at life for yourself

You’ve been like an angel by my bed.
For years and years
Indexed, indexed.

You were punished for your wish.
But still it is very, very deep.
About us.

To have to live with yourself.
smoking God knows what.
You don’t hurt…

They gutted it.
A great American photographer.
You’ve been like that.

I was waiting for this
Start again, feel
Isn’t this nostalgia

Some days one murder is not enough.
not to think of anything sad.
I would’ve waited far longer.


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