Still Life



All I want is to see her
She just left
Only blank paper

Yet the cry of monkeys
Waves flow, waves pound
You never came
she kept crying

Why is the bridge dark?
I’ll do harder and harder.
Open your mouth, my dear one
No heaven without earth

Does it hurt?
To float on water…
I’ll whisper it in your ear…
ten years to look for me?

Don’t you have a single photo of her?
so I can’t see your distant shadow?
What’s got into my eyes

Do you care?
You leave so hurriedly
Just this morning
Beware the rose’s thorns

I’m in love with someone else
the eyes of the world
the water level here
is dynamited

The flower scents are intoxicating
Because it’s never left me
The river runs for a thousand miles
high in the colored dawn

Come and dance, my dear one
on the Yellow River
Nothing serious
What’s that song?

Even if we perish, no regrets
We’ll fly away in sweet embrace
White Rabbit Brand Toffee
shielded me so warmly

I cared a lot for you, but you ran off
Just like a mouse loves rice…
Fuck,”Good-hearted People”!
Okay, I’ll wait

She’ll be back sometime
Past the woods to see the brook
Until the autumn leaves begin to fall
But you still left.


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