La Belle et la Bête



let me speak four truly magic words
Glass is just glass.
he’ll die of grief.
by a loving look.

Magnificent is in our stable.
I’ll pry the secret out of her.
the way one strokes an animal.
Hold on to my hands.

We always leave the beds.
some diabolical device.
in the display of witchcraft
They shot an arrow into the room.

He would never eat me.
and arrange my hair.
The sheets are dragging
I am paying for it in the flesh.

Whisper in his ear
You and I are living proof.
Even the floor longs
if I touch it. You open it.

This mirror was mysteriously left
splatter you with dung.
an ugly man handsome.
He suffers.

I have an uneasy feeling.
Or else that heart of yours
A lone white horse.
I care for you too much

I forgot the magic words.
I meant no harm.
I’m dreaming.
Children believe what we tell them.

Invisible hands serve me.
We’ll rub our eyes with onions
the language of men?
I confess, this evening

to keep from crying.
to bring her a rose.
to let me drink from your hands?


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