Fahrenheit 451



Yes, I like her hair
the wrong kind of sedative
Yes, for six years.
she was lighter in my arms.

Twelve twelves…
He just aches to know.
disparity in marriage…
died like that.

Some fresh air
luminous and black.
these recipes for happiness disagree.
Houses have always been fireproof.

Knees bent slightly
while the first snows
backwards and forwards.

She used to be married
Poisoning listening
to use the flamethrower.
like flower petals or butterflies

The show must go on.
They said to burn the books
or the fake television set.
The criminal is alone

and I began to cry
upon her breast might change
Sweet reason.
bring us the sparkler.

But now everything in my life
withered in its bloom
Even with my eyes closed
Remind me to give you one

Does she take pills?
He ate his book
with poisoning section.
and on foot.

book paper catches fire
and upstairs every night.
long dresses next year.
The existence of a secret…

like flies.
perhaps my sin.
and toes turned slightly inwards.

being the false icebox
We must burn the pyromaniacs out.
and then burn the ashes.
Occupation: Fireman.


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