If I could only give up sweets.
a needle and thread, or a book
It was a terrible night for me too.
scattered cumulus clouds.

She’s not the type to draw flowers.
or a boxing ring.
Sometimes she wonders
explaining this to you.

to those in shaky positions.
they shouldn’t fall in love at all.
There’s always one too many arms.

It’s like a moment of silence for athletes.
The black one.
I sent a telegram.
Mineral water.

I don’t miss marriage.
It’s full of tropical birds
one minute here costs billions.
Are these pears good?

There! Let’s go inside that cloud!
about happiness down there.
Miss, you’re a fucking whore

We’ve avoided saying certain things.
All I could do was play solitaire.
Our emotions at this moment
closing at 3,053.68

There’s always another sunset.
the strength to lift a finger.
If clothes tear, it’s their own fault.
Two people shouldn’t know each other

I never understood this obsession.
When you first came to me
I didn’t sleep all night.
But I know someone who can.

You don’t like to come
Tough language, isn’t it?
Worse than a rattlesnake.
of clouds over there.

What a great face.
If the door’s not chained
We’ll call each other.
a new soap for the bidet.

That was lovely.
The man who lost all that money.
This is a baobab tree.
There aren’t too many dents in it.


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