The Tree of Knowledge



The diaphragm.
The work at sea…
your eyes too.
So many staircases.

an eraser, you know that very well.
throwing paper balls.
to comfort every heart.
I’ll have a red cake too.

His pillow was made of rubbish and
Each sorrowful soul,
blades saw far, saw far…

dance with our eyes closed?
collide with each other.
sorrowful soul, become sound
to be punished.

although the sky was his possession.
shake with your heavy pain.
Take off your coat there.

You have some nice eyes.
all day long
lungs, and down here
making a snake.

Send some pictures over here.
I lost my eraser.
and an ox kissed the baby’s foot.
vein coming from the heart is called?

At any rate, it’s a lie.
And this here, it was called rain
All non-swimmers get over to me.
Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Yes, the intestines are… peeled out.
we press flowers and make poetry
We could give each other fines
but she has fallen ill

We just have to put on our skates.
But I didn’t fucking like that.
The echo sounds.
Otherwise it just sits and rusts.

No! You can’t let the light in.
a dog then.
under the table.
You can also put your skates there.

Who has a pencil?
Why haven’t you wished for a pair
on a secret trip?
Can’t we dance together?

Now we’re going to morning song.
lists must be learned in advance.
into an upper and lower part.
but hunger is now the best cook.

Here we have the heart and the
hypotenuse of a right triangle…
I ordered three pieces.
to all close our eyes.

Come dance at the Den of Vice.
Imagine if I was married to him
Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe.
What rhymes with “glue”?


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