Flickering Lights

Screen shot 2017-05-27 at 13.37.27


I´ll hurt you.
in the middle of the woods.
He met his end right there.

Just listen to this.
distant signals from childhood days
the frost gets them.

Small bites.
You can´t get blood off.
I need water, and a doctor.

A drunk driver.
someone who wants to share your nights
go down to the beach. Together.

I bleed more when I jerk off.
Earth-cooled joy.

Come out here on the floor.
lights from the past flicker on
That ´fuck´ will cost you

Get me the Eskimo.
and massive amounts of love.
Nobody smokes that menthol shit.

I want my own room.
An apple.
A rifle …

Fuck me.
episodes are much better.
And there’ll be no more

It´s merely a fetus.
died on New Year´s day.

to a fearful heart on the run
It´s a flesh wound!
Relax, it´s a robbery.

find your personal depth.
It´s just so … beautiful.
Can you fuck like that

We don´t have any salt.
So promise me
You can taste it.


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