Open Hearts



Her best friend
Will you come over and hold me?
You’ll never feel anything again

And what about all those big knives?
I love you.
time will pass between visits.
My whole life also disappeared

I’ve got time for an affair.
somebody to comfort you.
You have to have sex for that.
You wipe it with a damp cloth.

Your little boy is sweet.
lying in a hospital bed,
With you.
burning your fingers.

I’m just as unhappy as he is.
Five people have been killed
Six and eight.
simply got crushed.

It’s… a ring.
you should walk away.
I… have missed you.
He’s the only one who can.

I think about it all the time.
without saying anything.
amputate the whole bloody lot.
Because you are spoilt as hell.

you’ll love yourself one day.
if you’ve ever heard of it. Sex.
up in the middle of the night
It keeps turning the pages back.

mattresses. Elevating mattresses.
I can’t feel my arms or legs.
And I’m sorry if I stare into space.
Doesn’t she phone any more either?

I’m not crying.
This is the first time.
And it will pass.
Death by drowning, right?

You’re always with the mishap girl.
Some never get over it.
It’s psychological.
I’d like to be left alone for a bit.

He just had so much blood in him.
Here comes the surgeon
You don’t usually kiss me like that.
and you fuck what’s left?

Now all we need is our bed.
We were going to get married.
Hold on tight.
And if it tears you can

Can you feel his heart beat?
because you’re confused as hell.
about dangling off rock faces.
Give me a push.


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