Bread of Happiness


rooms upstairs with warm beds…
where you’ll find real happiness.
…and run across the sky
…a souvenir.

My heart became small
How about putting a mirror there?
final moments.
The blizzard has started again…

I want… the large happiness.
Here, it’s warm water.
…the moon from inside.
enjoy the hot bath…

Thank you for coming here…for me.
I haven’t found anyone.
“I brought some fire wood!”
This is for your performance tonight.

right amount of sunlight.
So I traveled alone and came here.
passed away this spring…

right amount of wind…
You can braid it anyway you like.
I wanted to live…the way I want…
…at night… from the window…

Take little strolls…
…the two of us in this entire world.
night sky for the others.
will be completed little by little.

Rie-san feels sad for no reason…
since that earthquake…
I really love that word…

We think we have lived enough…


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