Breaking The Waves



I can’t even make love to her.
Wait and see.
You know, the waves are
that you have no love
Blood pressure.
I’m sorry.

You look fucking awful.
…bloody flowers
from the house of God.
…what it’s like to make love.
tea and oranges…
getting pretty heavy.

You knew it all the time.
It hurts me to have to say it,
You got blood on your dress.
It has nothing to do with the church.
Now she walks through her sunken dream

…through unconditional love…
You cannot be in love with a word.
You like to dance.
And he’s making love to me…
She blossomed…
…the blues…

I’m afraid.
…my axe was cold
of make-believe,
Unfortunately, the periods…
…and I know there are others…
…as quiet waters lie…

I put your rose in a vase.
Love words.
The next time you come,
in this cold place,
Our church has no bells.
to kiss him any more.

To the girl with the mousy hair
Cross eyed Mary
I’m lying on my back, all naked.
She’s gone.
Deep breaths.
You and your fucking radio.

I want us to make love.
Oh, it kills me to think
Your love could have saved him,
2 units immediately.
And he kisses my breasts.
I waited for you.

His head’s full of scars.
your lungs a little bit…
…because his was broken,
and I love the way she twitch
I’m here. I’m here.


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