For Whom The Bell Tolls



I had a moment of weakness.
Because there isn’t any me.
Yes, I meant to leave.
The wind is very disorderly.
Roberto fell in the brook.

It was so beautiful in your house.
he carried the girl from the train.
But this not knowing,
I brought your robe.
If it snows all night,

Look at the stars. He’s a captain.
This life is ruining him.
I can hear the wind in the trees.
All the things you’ve told me tonight,
I’ll carry you on my shoulders.

My… my bones brea…
But she has a tongue.
but we were all tied by the wrists
And I wanted to be shot too
Before the dew comes,

She has Gypsy blood herself.
that blinds a man while he loves you.
my face made with braids in my mouth.
in the rocks where she’d run off.
She looked like a half-drowned kitten.

One shivered in his whole body
They always spit in the gorge.
when the pistol touched it.
We have fire.
Speak of blinding again

I commenced to cry, because until then
like a wonderful dream.
throw a stone for a signal.
Yes. I can roll cigarettes
In these mountains we hide.

cut the telephone wires
with a rope around our necks.
I could see your headlight from afar.
And he’s not blind any more.
When I kiss, it won’t be as a sister.

I suppose when a man has something
A trap for foxes.
the rest of your things.
In the mirror,
You promised.

I’m only curious. I don’t believe
Let me see your hand.
That’s an educated pencil.
Is there no other way to explode
Not if you cut the artery.


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