Code Unknown


I don’t know her parents.
They’re walled up and concealed.
But you can’t say that in your photos.

They separated us.
and fingered me.
in eternal life.

he gave me some pills.
yellow lights, twinkling.
I cried my eyes out all day.

In the distance, far off, are lights,
Shapes coming toward the house.
They bang and scrape

Almost 3,000 square meters.
that we might one day share with her
Waiting is the worst.

His heart is pure.
It’s locked, you will never get out.
Why are there no windows?

before miming cutting his throat.
my outstretched hand,
A true expression.

I miss him, too. We all miss him.
Incomplete tales of several journeys
I don’t write notes like that.

I aborted while you were away.
when you say: “I love you, too…”
photographer, big misunderstanding, etc…

The windows, doors, wallpaper…
Prettier every day.
Go easy now on my poor little soul.

In my cell, I thought about what she said.
The camera is the door.
looking for a little affection.

Stop wanting to be so strong.
As I’m praying,
For you, it’s theory.



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