Grave of the Fireflies



And I’ll never leave you again.
a hit from a 250-kilo bomb easy.
I almost swallowed it.
and she’s in a grave now.
Making sea salt.

The body should be lightly dressed.
Surrendered unconditionally.
I’m a farmer, but even
Making a grave.
I’m here for you.

You squeezed too hard.
Snip… Snip… Snip…
Please, she’s sick!
Let’s just catch our breath first.
Just swallow your pride

Black rain, from the bombing.
It’s starting to look hopeless.
And my school burned down.
My mother has heart trouble.
We haven’t unbandaged her.

The old phonograph.
Mighty fortresses
So selfish.
We’ll swim,
Not one left afloat.


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