All About Lily Chou-Chou


From: philia
Delivering milk.
is a catalyst for emotion.

I can never talk to her.
A girl’s being carried out
The great wound of the heart
Hope is blue.

our hearts are filled with hope…
Hot… shoplifted, stolen.
The Ether heals my pain.
It sticks out a thin tentacle

Do we present the flowers first?
They were ghost-written.
Black tears.

who are poisoned by exhaust,
Just open your eyes.
“In my darkened room,

Flying kites.
Rich people do it all the time.
searching for a place to belong.
A world without color.

They come flying out of the water.
The shadows SHE releases
to the baby inside me.
The wound that does not heal.

Jerk yourself off.
reach the transparent beyond.
it might be hell on earth.
and one boy died.

I can’t do it.
sound swells in my head,
I am transparent.
arms around my knees…

some dirty videos of her.
It’s the “no piano” version.
You call them rose-colored days,
The frequency summoned me.

She cuts right to my soul.
fills the gaps of serotonin.
a person has seven lives.

it’s not like a smooth descent.
talk to me.
It might not be a noise.
For me…


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