spread your legs.
Such wondrous white mist
And golden stars shine
40 minutes at most.

I kissed him and he listed
She imagines stories with him,
Sorry, but I hate the sea.
If he was angry, fine.

And at the bottom is the sea.
We’ll remove the drains.
Her incarceration

You like having a bath.
Magic, demons, profundity and joy…
No, he’s just a stand-in…
Please fetch the X-rays.

A good-bye letter.
describes his passion, his tenderness,
Have a sleep.
and then drag the river for me.

Attempted suicide.
Three years.
He remembers everything
The wood stands black and silent

for all the loves she will never have.
all the afternoon in the woods talking
There’s a storm, a tempest
And here’s where I separate.

the tests, his memory, his reactions.
each time she was faking
She hid in the fields for six days.
The victim.

You cried because you felt guilty?
I had the impression I was hearing
Danced, that’s all.
For you.


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