Love in the Afternoon


a double bed.
stretching indefinitely before me
with people I hardly know
I’ll have her on my back.
You’ll get wet.

I’ve been away for six years.
I feel empty, strange.
I’m above physical urges.
That makes it bearable.
I dream I use its powers

No dress is beautiful by itself.
No, but you disappeared.
You were terrified
It brings out your eyes.
I’m sorry.

a discarded lover,
You might not be here by winter.
People are ugly,
their childhood.
it’s uninhabitable.

Stop stuttering.
from my imaginary ones.
thousands of me.
with my narrow little bed.
my litany of woes.

I’d be polygamous. No problem.
I just had to open a valve.
that gives off a magnetic fluid
We’ll drink in silence.
Stay married, but cheat on the side.

I should have left my pleasant memory
On the floor.
My presence was unnecessary.
I left without a word
I have my raincoat on.

We see each other so rarely.
Not at all.
You left in a pin.
It scratches a bit on the inside,
depresses me.

I delight in a daydream that grows
from baring our innermost feelings.
Some girls blossom only at night
People come into view, then vanish.
Over summer vacation,

I hate afternoons.
as I love the sea.
She hasn’t slept here
Better to be distant now
my spirits fell.

Now, when I see a woman,
or unknown pleasure.
who’d love to be in your arms.
It’s been ages.
of this horrible wallpaper.

Almost all my ideas
doesn’t bring us closer.
Elevators or radiators
It’s the variety that comforts me.
I dream of a life


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