Domicile Conjugal


Focus on the contractions.
That’s poetry.
A library staircase.
Autumn Leaves.

Keep your eyes closed.
A knife… and now
fell out of love with her.
You’ve got it backwards.

of writing about your childhood,
for an arctic expedition.
It’s dragging on terribly,
About the fact we’d kiss one day.

I write at night while she’s asleep.
I was sorry to lose my bracelet,
Playing scales.
She and I hardly talk.

It was very touching.
everything about flowers.
No air gets in the stem, and the water
fuzzy and vague and ambiguous.

She just smiles and smiles.
I must have dropped them on the stairs.
the long corridors,
I got scared and made them worse.

Two pounds of tangerines, please.
between her fingers,
It’s for stage fright.
for Mother’s Day.

The little virtuoso
who’s just danced for two hours.
to the universal.
You can leave me here.

Don’t kiss me.
Cut the pages of a book,
Yes, I saw it fall in the water.
I trust I’ll get an autographed copy.



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