Summer With Monika


I have my aches and pains, miss.
Sometimes he beats us.
something real out of our lives.
in the dust and dirt.

We’ll light candles
Broken and bulky.
and buy her some carnations.
If only I could trust you,

What lovely flowers.
while you’re away.
I’ll manage.
We’ll care for each other.

Look at that pretty blouse.
I guess Spring’s here after all.
Always a pleasure to see her.
in the hospital for six months,

The lamp.
It looked deserted.
It’s been a lovely summer…
all evening, not saying a word.

Someone else may be in her bed.
the night in jail.
A little something for you.
would break everything.

My stomach, as usual.
carrying crates around
You don’t care about me,

I refuse to leave.
Before midsummer?
Stop daydreaming.
It takes time to get used to.

on the boat last autumn.
I thought you’d gone to pick apples.
from my coat pocket.
She died when I was eight.

Far more than faithful.
and now he’s disappeared.
Take care of yourself.
Remember that orchard


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