Fallen Angels


I desperately want to tell her
it’s all been planned by others.
I’d like to leave a message.
Black grows on you.

They say women are made of water.
She was ecstatic that night.
Because of you
I’m gonna burn this place down

But every time we meet,
It’ll be premature.
Just like my first love.
Demand comes and goes.

I ran into that woman again.
and stayed till everyone was gone.
You called me “baby”.
This will serve as proof.

And it’s like forgetting everything
It’s like a knife in the heart
out of my own body.
but not my bite.

I smelled it on another woman.
everything has its expiration date.
I hadn’t expected winter
I was heartbroken.

When she hears the song,
for you tomorrow.
He was someone I could always turn to,
Sometimes I want

A woman may come asking for me
to rub elbows in the past.
We seldom see each other.
I was very talkative when I was small.

Winter seems so long this year.
I was the one hoping for a miracle.
Every person has his own past.
explains why we’ve always been close.

suddenly disappeared.
I’ll never taste his steaks again,
I don’t know how long she’ll stay.
I gotta get her fingerprints


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