Early Summer


You go on about happiness,
about your heart.
Washing some things.
It’s a pity.
This is a farewell gift

I saw her crying in the kitchen
half a pound of wool.
I know it’s an impossible dream.
My heart reacts badly.

what real happiness is.
A spinning top.
My house is filled with them today.
Please don’t be worried.

This was all so sudden.
Men and women
Children are sensitive.
Lived in Calcutta for a long time.
I have some pictures.

You’ve taken a big step.
You’ve fallen in love with him.
It was thoughtless of her
She used to wear a ribbon in her hair,
It started raining that very day.

It feels like it was all a dream.
to let her stay the night.
It’s not easy.
to hurt your feelings.
Your dress is so pretty.

So you did love him.
all these years.
It’s funny how our memories work.
You’re a married woman.
The sky isn’t like this where I live.

just sitting in the train station.
Just a dream of mine.
It’s dark out. Be careful.
Your face is dirty.
Hide the cake.

she was here crying and asked me
in front of the single girls.
I knew nothing about marriage
I wanted to talk to you.
You better not. I know how you hit.


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