The Handmaiden


Tell me, the essence, the process,
Sinful Undergarments.
Sour and bitter.
Do you know, how much I thirst for her?

Touch me there. Touch me there.
Calling them “distant bells”
This peach….
Even if in between is a deep black.

One of my teeth is sharp.
Prepare to put your heart into it.
Just like two scissors.
I will even stutter like this.
Let me come too.

A snake.
as jade
It went in deep.
The eyes.
There is not one strand of hair,

You shift and sigh when you sleep.
And lightly bite the shoulder.
did she climax.
You ask if she cried?
After that, abandon you.

Why caress my breasts?
And insert my penis into her.
penetrate your inner most thoughts
This is my method of making things become beautiful.
condenses as a dew drop

most treasured possession
To kiss.
Its not your eyes, hands, or ass.
Sweet with a nice scent.

Her feelings were locked, deep away.
So soft, so warm..
and as tight as a drum.
so beautiful like a jewel.
I pulled on her hair

seeing the deeper meaning
is swollen from the pain.
Everyone absorbs every story differently.
Sunlight causes books to fade.

crimson blood dripping down.
the steps you take are all the same.
Give me a cigarette, it will help me remember.
when she was sane.
with someone dead on the inside.

On the sea, boats pass by each other all the time
No matter how beautiful the words are
If you don’t want to make love
Son of a bitch.
and intertwine.

Because she is as cold as ice.
I don’t have a drop of pity.
5 will make you completely pass out.
Two to put inside of the Lady.
Occasionally, on dark nights

She once was a naive little girl, but now she has guts.
had blossomed twice.
This is a high concentration of opium.
You do love him.
Coming and going.


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