there was a stream
It was the slow movement,
…and I felt her lips
It aches slightly.
Keep the camera on this.

I haven’t slept for days.
…and then we make love.
and set the roses on fire.
I watched the reflections
on her finger.

Do you know that the forest
It’s a kind of feeling…
like a nightmare.
a great pain…
of dark green water.

It frightens me when the bells ring
Mine are completely worn out.
You can’t talk about it.
Do you have any bandages?
you know what love is.

The white-haired one left saying,
Touch my eyes.
Please come inside.
and it was overgrown with roses.
as I entered the living room.

there were white houses
touching my cheek.
It is not my dream but somebody else’s
I had a fever for weeks afterward.
Touch here.

I felt really in love with you.
I had a real strange dream.
I woke up crying.
I visited my son.
I can’t explain why.

You can say, “I’m sorry,”
I believe in living in hope.
the most horrible measures.
with high arches and pillars.
thereby causing us great losses.

My hand is completely ruined.
and a little inexperienced.
I don’t see anything.
I don’t know any secrets.
…and I was afraid of combat.

The one who cleans the house
will miss me if I disappear,
she was breathing.
But that’s not my voice.
Eva, come here.

She had a Band-Aid
for seven years now.
We only remembered it
when they liquidated
…a penetrating fear.


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