Maybe that is all.
do not pursue that dream.

But now your name
Indeed. All that remains
A shadow cannot exist

Someone plays the flute every night.
and inner perimeters,
into others’ hearts.

Has the wound healed well?
I’ll miss you.
For some reason,

My old wound hurts
that pine tree
I was going to be crucified.

There will be rain and snow.
It will be a sad march home
A serious illness can change

Torture failed to make him talk.
made me careless.
Behave as your heart tells you.

even a man’s heart.
I thought the jar contained treasure,

what will happen to the shadow?
They sent a doctor to see
It’s a miracle

This is the sutra room.
no bonfires or anything,
Quiet as a forest.

Remove your mask.
He must feel
The color is like blood,

He was badly wounded.
and dropped a plumb line.
The lord is that mountain.

People gather and scatter.
The castle is now sure to fall.
He must refrain from mounting


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