The Lady of Musashino


Hey, you!
Morality is the only power.
Something limpid and clear
That’s what marriage is.

If you tease your body,
Whatever happens between us two…
It’s better to be scared
because you don’t love me.

I think that’s what love is.
to eradicate that part of me.
I’m not sure God exists.

It’s time for bed.
and filial piety.
you felt something special for me.
you’ll get less of a share.

What are you crying for?
account for all the water
Tell me the truth.
since I last saw you

anyone’s moral stance.
is to concentrate on the body,
without hurting ourselves
Yes, and acorns in autumn.

…a loneliness worse than death.
I believe there’s something
Simple, green, beautiful…
but her heart’s very weak.

The end came much too suddenly.
It’s because of her samurai blood.
Please say yes.
before nightfall.

the village prostitute
patient to the last.
I cried when I got your letter.
M, O, U, N, T.

His munitions factory
of classical music. Listen.
I had all my books sent here.
Clever people aren’t bullet-proof!

The stream by the house
all you’ll do is damage it.
I hear you’re besotted
Why did you agree

because of all these springs.
I don’t want anything.
I’m starting to hate
It’s started raining.

She has no passion.
This led to an erosion
we’d come here to catch cicadas
it’s 150 meters above sea level.

…that I love you.
only exists in your dreams.
No, it’s my birthday party!
It was all so sudden.

is making me sad.
I wanted a word with you.
… will be watching over you for ever.

I know you’ve been a devoted wife
spontaneous, unforced…
I will be dead.
I thought

whatever happens
If we’re living on a graveyard,
on the radio.
you haven’t been around for a while.

if we swear we’ll always be true
and collect flowers.
It’s all the same to me.
I hope it rains a lot.


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