Utamaro and His Five Women


Something bad happened.
Love and gratitude don’t go together.
that’s what the tattooer said.
he has dimples when he smiles.
someone better than me.

I drew on a body that loves and cries,
The final touch.
my skill as an artist.
Bring the materials.
because my hands are bound.

I share your feelings.
But no drawing
Pure blood. So alive.
I’ve never been able to act according to my desires.
I have trouble forgetting it.

5 or 6 days ago.
A whore came to get you.
The Goddess of Mercy?
but she has good sides.
Hopefully it won’t be a double suicide

She had her back towards me.
A really sublime skin.
I feel like a prisoner,
I can’t just smile and keep suffering.
Your portraits of her were enough.

Courtesans are different.
Would you lend your lovely body
and selfish love
to catch their soul.
they’re like angles.

It’s love, isn’t it?
The sentence was hard.
and you won’t forgive me.
The mixing of colors follows many rules.
she’s speaking with a few language twitches.

Even if I become a ghost, I still have something to see.
even the stones in a landscape.
To put an end to a genuine love.
With baby eyebrows when he closes his eyes.
You cast a spell on him

Etchings merchant
I became her slave.
I beware of women.
Two famous beauties.
imagine that you’re very sick


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