Bonjour Tristesse


I wish I walked the way she walks now.
I never know what anybody means.
That our happy days were numbered.
I thought I felt a change. Forgive me.

She ruined that beautiful dress.
She allowed us to believe
To sleep in the sea.
for the first time in my life.

We were only kissing.
Two hearts.
One small diamante.
She probably needed air.

Maybe we won’t have to write at all.
Let’s dance in the meantime.
and drown in the sun.
under the table.

For a walk in the woods.
three months ago.
Even with an unwashed face.
made of memories I can’t lose.

material the colour of this water.
Jealousy, the green-eyed monster.
There will be risqué stories
“suicide” to anybody.

Baby needs shoes.
Couldn’t care less.
I wish you would explain
the other side of the rocks.

our old life.
He’s spreading it with flowers.
Great big drops.
In his pocket, unopened.

It’s the idea of marriage
you hand out at parties.
She doesn’t give him a chance
have a weapon against me forever.

in my life.
Love doesn’t depend on that.
It’s an epidemic.
Nothing is.

No lady goes home alone.
But then a young girl’s skin
the last of my sunburn.
lf he marries again, he’s ruined.


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