Mamma Roma


First love.
Foaming at the mouth.
She’ll be waiting for you.

She’s always crying.
Dark and deep,
He was like a living Bible.

you won’t see me again.
I killed plenty with my sling.
I was always in the hospital.

A stolen tear
had pockmarked his whole face.
Like I ate my own heart out.

what an awful place the world can be.
You’d think it was your wedding day.
the night of deep sighs.

her hair still so black.
But your heart is bursting with rage
They’re cicadas.

A finch.
set you free,
like a lost soul.

Say something.
of the lamentable vale,
a song from the heart?

Look what a jewel my son is.
only pretend to be asleep.

This fog rusts your bones.
She’s still so beautiful,

The evil you do is like a highway
towards your father’s voice,
I didn’t even know I was dying.

With a little help from the right saint,
Even stolen goods.
He never refuses

You have to make him forget her,
how women are made.
You could sing mass.

He’s my only child, my only hope.
There’s a black girl who likes me
I dreamt we were


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