The Return


Cut some branches.
And stay where I can see you.
Maybe he wants to forget.
He’s dead.

I want to spend time with you too.
His eyes are open.
when he gets his knife out.

Are you ashamed of calling
there is water all around.
Wash it down.
We’re lost, I’m telling you.

Your father.
We’ll drag him by his arms.
They’re not biting today.
and I was scared.

Bring a jar.
Get the axe.
I have to jump.
Did you pack the camera?

you take us to the waterfalls again.
Turn it off.
Don’t bring the knife.
Nobody. We’ll just throw it away.

I’ll show you the island.
It’s probably 100 years old.
Hold your breath and drink.
I just wanted…

Where’s the jar?
Come here.
Get out.
your bowl sank.

If you’re scared, climb down.
I’ll teach you.
Just a moment.

He just came.
Did you see how quiet he got
Get changed.
Go to sleep.


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